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Typhoon Jet Skims People's Heads Typhoon Jet Skims People's Heads - 1 views
Theres low and then there is LOW - OMFG. In situations like this you really have to trust the pilots and the complete faith that they know what theyre doing. The landing was fine but on the ground there was a mad rush for the toilet.
Jun 26 | 1 Hits | Funny Videos
Breakdance Jebus Breakdance Jebus - 3 views
If the local church had stained glass effigies of this then I might be tempted to go there and eat their horrible crackers every once in a while...
Jun 25 | 3 Hits | Funny Pictures
Must Escape The Island Game Must Escape The Island Game - 174 views
You boat got damaged by a ferocious storm and you awake to find yourself stranded on an island populated by mysterious tiki head statues. Will you be able to repair your boat and escape the island?
Jan 23 | 174 Hits | Fun Games
How to Eat a Live Octopus How to Eat a Live Octopus - 1273 views
In South Korea, if you're after a tasty seafood snack you may well end up chowing down on a live octopus. Sure, it's a somewhat awkward creature to eat, we all know that from watching old Boy, but it's all about rising to the challenge.
Mar 18 | 1273 Hits | Funny Videos
Kitty Punch Game Kitty Punch Game - 810 views
Do you like your games Japanese flavored and completely retarded? If so then you're in luck because this is a game where you control a man in a cat costume and the aim is to claw at the cat toys as much as possible.
Mar 18 | 810 Hits | Fun Games
Knightmare Tower Game Knightmare Tower Game - 746 views
Take control of a rocket powered knight on his quest to save as many fair maidens as he can, slay as many foul creatures as he can and collect as much lovely loot as he can! Use cash collected to upgrade your knight!
Jan 19 | 746 Hits | Fun Games
Bowman 2 Game Bowman 2 Game - 739 views
A true flash game classic. If there was a hall of fame for flash games, this would be up there in it's rightful place, looking kinda ugly but stragely enticing. If you like mouse controlled archery then you're in for a treat.
Jan 19 | 739 Hits | Fun Games
Rocket Santa Game Rocket Santa Game - 875 views
It might be a bit late for a Christmas themed game, but this one is pretty addictive. Sure, it's January 3rd, but I started playing it over Christmas and I'm still playing it now, so that probably means it's worth posting, right?
Jan 3 | 875 Hits | Fun Games
Skullface Game Skullface Game - 787 views
If you liked Super Meat Boy this will be right up your street. A twitch platformer that sucks you in and puts your platforming prowess to the test as each new level kills you a whole bunch more times than the one before it.
Nov 17 | 787 Hits | Fun Games
7th Inning Smash Game 7th Inning Smash Game - 724 views
Smash the ball at the windows, birds, even at the naked man that runs on the roof. Hit bonus items to get big points and get yourself a few bonus balls for even more carnage. Before you know it you'll forgotten all about working.
Nov 17 | 724 Hits | Fun Games
Jacksmith Game Jacksmith Game - 827 views
There are lots of games out there where you can smith weapons and armour, but very few where that is the whole purpose of the game. In Jacksmith you use your smithing prowess and specialist parts to arm a militia.
Nov 14 | 827 Hits | Fun Games
Scuba Game Scuba Game - 747 views
A simple but frighteningly addictive little game inspired by the likes of Minecraft and Terraria. Upgrade your scuba gear and explore the murky depths. Time to get your fingers working as fast as they can in this addictive little game.
Nov 14 | 747 Hits | Fun Games
People Are Strange... People Are Strange... - 755 views
Yep, it's official, some people are definitely on a completely different wavelength than the rest of us and what they take for normal everyday activities would send the rest of us running for the hills. It's a very strange planet we live on.
Nov 14 | 755 Hits | Funny Pictures
NEVER Have Kids NEVER Have Kids - 795 views
Just remember, you will never give less of a f#ck than when you are a child. Kids are like little rock-stars who don't need drugs and alcohol when they trash the place and defecate on themselves, it's just who they are - Be afraid.
Oct 27 | 795 Hits | Funny Pictures
Plastic Surgery Distasters Plastic Surgery Distasters - 816 views
Like most beauty treatments, if you can tell that someone has had cosmetic surgery then they've not had it done right. Unless they're like 103 trying to look 25 again, in which case it's inevitable...Prepare to enter the freak zone. OMG.
Oct 27 | 816 Hits | Funny Pictures
Talking Car Alarm Prank Talking Car Alarm Prank - 1343 views
Watch what happens when Greg talks to strangers through the voice of a fancy talking car alarm...
Oct 20 | 1343 Hits | Funny Videos
Road Construction Teamwork Road Construction Teamwork - 815 views
This Ukrainian construction team is gonna work together to get this cleaned up... some time in the future.
Oct 20 | 815 Hits | Funny Videos
Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Hart Jimmy Kimmel owns Melissa Joan Hart - 946 views
Jimmy Kimmel makes a joke that Melissa doesn't like all that much.
Oct 20 | 946 Hits | Funny Videos
Perfect Girlfriend Perfect Girlfriend - 966 views
When a nice day at the beach is ruined by her complaining, just deflate her!
Oct 2 | 966 Hits | Funny Videos
Funniest Fail Compilation Funniest Fail Compilation - 941 views
A sample of failed moments from May 2011.
Oct 2 | 941 Hits | Funny Videos
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